Thursday, 14 May 2009

If your family is more like Shamless than the Waltons

So... survived the get together up in Scotland, 3 brothers, 1 sister, 2 sister in laws, mum, dad, dad's ex wife, 5 nephews and too much alcohol...

WI this week and had lost only half a lb, but to be honest this was a miracle, considering how much booze I managed to put away over the weekend.

I came off the Alli for most of the weekend, I had been eating very low fat and was scared that I would be tempted in by the advertised BBQ at the pub, this was probably a wise move as although I did not eat a burger I did manage to be sick all down myself in the night... Now in my family that means being teased for about 5minutes, but if I had soiled myself.... oh the JOY would never have ended, it would have been like Christmas for all my siblings and nephews a gift that would have carried on giving all year round or until someone did something worse...

Back on the points in ernest this week, have been uber good and am hoping for a good loss next Wednesday... Itsu Frozen Fat Free Yogurts are seeing me through, they look like a McFlurry with fruit on the top but they are only 2.5points :)

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